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What you need to know about Beroomers

What advantages does Beroomers offer me? Why should I use Beroomers?

- Free listings: listing your accommodation on Beroomers is completely free of cost, so it is an excellent way to advertise your properties and increase visibility to thousands of international students.

- Increase Profitability: By listing your accommodations on Beroomers, Accommodation Providers (AP) can immediately benefit from a multilingual sales team working 24/7 to help students book their rooms online, eliminating the hundreds of emails to students and visits to the flat. Plus, thanks to our calendar system, you will be able to book rooms before your current tenants leave, making sure you keep your rooms always rented and increasing your profitability.

- Self management of your own properties: Beroomers offers providers the possibility of managing their properties directly through the site: availability, photographs, prices, etc... making it really easy to keep their flats up to date. Registering (free) on Beroomers is all it takes.

- Customer Service: We not only provide a help desk to ensure AP can list properties and manage their bookings efficiently. We also offer our AP a solid support team who will make sure students demands are taken care of, making sure no question is left unanswered.

- Safe Payment: A trustworthy platform is all what students need to be sure they can book their rooms well in advance. Thanks to Beroomers’ trusted services, AP have a complete new way of offering students a safe way to book their rooms.
Plus, providers will also have access to students’ profiles, hence having a lot more information about the students interested in their accommodations.

- Flexibility: Providers always have the last say, having the option to accept or not each booking request received.

What is our business model? How do we make money?

Beroomers charges students and young professionals the first month of their stay to book the accommodation, which will be paid to the landlord 24 hours after the tenant has checked in.
Beroomers will charge the landlord a service fee which can vary from 0% to 5% over the total contract value, depending on the destination, to be discounted of the first month rent paid by the tenant.

How can I help to rent my accommodation?

We recommend APs to make their listings as attractive as possible. Accurate descriptions of the room/flat plus information about the services in the area such as transport, supermarkets, leisure options, etc. will be of great help for the student to make the final decision of booking that accommodation. High quality pictures are always a lot more appealing too, as all of this will be visible to students.
Including the address is completely necessary for the accommodation to be correctly located on the map.
However, the exact address will not be visible to students.

Will the details of my property be visible in the website? What about the address?

Personal details will be always handled with utmost care and applying the Personal Data Protection Law in Spain (Ley Orgánica 15/1999 of December 13th).
Including the address is completely necessary for the accommodation to be correctly located on the map. However, the exact address will not be visible to students.